Broughton Ravers U10s beat Clee Town 3-0 and win the league!

The U10s clinched the South Humber League title today when they beat Clee Town 3-0.

Goals: Lauren (2), Chloe H

Today’s was a typically gutsy performance from the girls on a cold, windy day in Humberston.

The game started slowly on a small, muddy pitch but the Ravers eventually took the lead when Lauren charged through from defence and smashed an unstoppable shot into the roof of the Clee Town goal.

But the Ravers didn’t have it easy. Clee Town are a much improved side and we had some tough defending to do. But Lauren, Ami, Chloe B and Danielle were impressive in defence and between them managed to stop just about everything Clee Town could throw at us.

In the second half Lauren took the pressure off the Ravers team by scoring her second goal with another powerful shot following an assist from Rhiannan and a little later Chloe H finished the game off with her twenty-second goal of the season.

Jodie nearly made it four when she clattered the Clee Town bar and Macey (who was very strong in midfield today) also came close.

Special mention is due to Olivia – who was sub for most of the game but looked very capable in midfield when she made an appearance and Leah – who stood shivering in the Ravers goal for the whole game!

Player of the match: Lauren