Broughton Ravers U10s v Bottesford

Sunday, March 14th 2010

Result 7-1

Team: Chloe H, Rhiannan, Lauren, Danielle, Leah, Macey, Chloe B, Jodie, Elizabeth, Olivia and Ami.

Goalscorers: Chloe H (3), Macey (3), Lauren

The Scunthorpe Telegraph took photos of the girls before this match as they are the Team of the Week in next Tuesday’s paper. I expect it will sell out in Broughton so get your copy early!


We had loads of chances in the first half but only converted two of them, Macey and ‘I’ve grown out of defence’ Lauren hitting the back of the net to take us into half time 2-0 up. Leah, Chloe B, Ami and Jodie could also have got on the scoresheet but the post (and the Bottesford goalie) denied them.

In the second half the girls stepped their game up a bit and there was some nice passing on show. Chloe H added three more to her tally for the season (25 goals now, well done Chloe!) and was unlucky not to get four, hitting the crossbar with a fiercely hit penalty.

Macey scored two more great goals to get her hat-trick (and £15 from dad!).

The defence didn’t have much to do but what they did, they did well. Olivia stood between the posts in the first half and Elizabeth volunteered to take her place in the second, making one excellent save.

Leah, Chloe B and Danielle worked hard and Rhiannan was her usual busy self in midfield.

Overall, the team played well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, despite me having to sub players more than I would do normally (must get some new earplugs 😀 ).

Player of the match: Chloe B

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