Broughton Ravers v Normanby and Burton Belles

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Result: 1-0

Team: Rhiannan, Alex, Leah, Jodie, Hannah, Macey, Lauren, Chloe and Lucy.

Goal: Chloe

Player of the match: Chloe

Team performance (out of five): six!

What a match!

The Broughton girls definitely saved their best performance of the season until the last game.

We were all over Burton Belles from the first whistle – in the first ten minutes I counted nine shots on the Burton goal. But credit to the Burton players, they were obviously fired up for this match, they defended well and never gave up.

The whole first half was played almost entirely around the Burton penalty area and we were desperately unlucky not to score five or even ten goals in the first thirty minutes.

In the end, it was left to Hot Shot Hopkinson to break the deadlock by diverting a well taken free kick into the Burton net three minutes before half time.

So we went into the break in front, but only just.

In the second half the Ravers upped their game even more. They tackled hard, stepped in front of the Burton players and won every ball in midfield. Shots continued to rain in but the Burton ‘keeper made some fine saves and held back the amber and black tide almost singlehandedly.

With about ten minutes to go, Burton were awarded a free kick fifteen yards from our goal. Their player struck the ball well and it was creeping into the top corner until Alex stuck her arm out and tipped it round the post.

That was the only save Alex had to make. But that’s the mark of a good goalkeeper – she can pull off a fine save even if she’s had nothing to do for fifty minutes.

The whole team: Macey, Lauren, Leah, Rhiannan, Jodie, Lucy, Chloe, Hannah and Alex should all be very proud of themselves.

Special thanks go to Shaun who controlled a sometimes difficult game extremely well. My thanks also go to all the parents who supported us tonight.

Now….where are my blood pressure tablets….?