U11s win the LFA Fair Play Award

I am pleased to announce that the girls have won the Lincs FA Fair Play award for the season 2010/2011.

This is a prestigious award and is a real testimony to the friendly and fair way that the girls play the game.

In the words of the FA:

“this award is made for…showing commitment to Respect and Fair Play which sets an example to others [and] accepting a collective responsibility to create a fair, safe and enjoyable environment in which the game can take place.


What do we want to recognise?


Clubs…that are making a significant contribution to improving the behavioural standards in football. This might be achieved through the following approaches;

– Educating teams, coaches, spectators or players
– Encouraging players, coaches, spectators or teams to strive for high standards of behaviour
– Dealing with poor behaviour
– Incentivising good behaviour
– Recruiting and retaining referees
– Valuing referees
– Improving a situation of established poor behaviour
– Captain’s who work well with Referees to help manage on pitch behaviour
– Referee’s who gain Respect for the way in which they mange games
– Campaigning in an effective and persuasive way
– The work of individuals that have improved the environment in which the game takes place”

The award, in the form of a plaque, will be made by officials of the FA on a date to be announced.